Haka Powhiri for NZSE Graduation

Fierce piercing pukana

The Haka Experience set the tone at the NZSE (New Zealand School of Education) award ceremony, opening the occasion powerfully and passionately.    An eloquently performed Karanga (call to guests) supported by a powerful Haka Powhiri traditionally welcomed the mass of graduates and their family and friends.  The audience settled with warm greetings from The…

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A Powerful Performance for International Students

The University of Auckland’s new international students received a powerful and inspiring traditional Maori welcoming to kick off their studies ahead here in Auckland.  From the crowd of 500 students, a representative was selected to represent his overseas cohort by raising the peace token set forth by The Haka Experience’s fearsome warrior.  Following the traditional…

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International Students enjoy the Haka Workshop experience

HAKA WORKSHOPS: Students from AUT learning actions songs with Tapeta Wehi from Te Wehi Haka

Mind-blowing and unique is how International students from Auckland University’s Auckland Business School described the exciting and new Haka Workshops, facilitated by Tapeta Wehi from Te Wehi Haka. Students are from all over the world received their first introduction to an authentic Māori Cultural Performance. Head facilitator Tapeta Wehi did a great job in keeping…

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