A Powerful Performance for International Students

The Haka Experience’s fearsome warrior laying down the peace token

The University of Auckland’s new international students received a powerful and inspiring traditional Maori welcoming to kick off their studies ahead here in Auckland.  From the crowd of 500 students, a representative was selected to represent his overseas cohort by raising the peace token set forth by The Haka Experience’s fearsome warrior. 

Following the traditional wero (challenge) and pohiri (welcoming), the crowd were entertained with waiata (songs), poi and demonstrations of traditional Maori weaponry, accompanied by an energetic and emotional haka that wooed the masses. 

  • Liam Choong, an international student at Auckland University described his experience as “welcoming” and “inspiring”
  • Aaditya Rudrakar described his experience as “powerful” 

The Haka Experience’s sharp and skilful Director Tapeta Wehi strongly engaged and interacted with the new international students, empowering them with Te Reo Maori greetings to utilize as they embark on their educational journey.  

The Haka Experience provides a polished and professional standard of service where experiences can be exclusively designed to suit the requirements of your corporate event.  Contact The Haka Experience to design an iconic and meaningful experience for your next event. 

The Haka Experience and a great multitude of International students

Chief raising the peace token on behalf of his newly appointed tribe of 500 students

The Haka Experience’s fearsome warriors performing an energetic Haka

Representatives of The Haka Experience – pre performance