The wero (challenge) performed during the haka pōwhiri by one of our Māori warriors.

An Indian Wedding with a Māori Twist

Wedding with a Māori Twist

We had the honour of hosting a wedding at the Sudima Hotel in Mangere, Auckland.

This was a wedding with a difference – a beautiful Indian bride marrying a handsome Australian groom. The Bride and Groom requested an authentic traditional Māori Pōwhiri for their 200 guests to commence their sacred marriage.

A Pōwhiri is a traditional Māori welcome which comprises of traditional ritual practices, including the pūtātara, the wero and the karanga.

The Pūtātara (Conch Shell or horn), a trumpet-sounding traditional Māori instrument, was blown by one of our male performers to signify that the wedding guests had arrived. This begun the Pōwhiri process.